We are all deeply saddened here with the passing of George Scott, We ask that you respect the privacy of the family at this time as we mourn a pioneer in the sport we all love and the strides, marks and paths George made in it.

source: Jim Davis/Globe Staff

source: Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Member Of The Red Sox 1967 Impossible Dream Team and The Birth of Red Sox Nation!

Watch The 1967 World Series with George Boomer Scott Member Of The Impossible Dream Team And The Birth Of Red Sox Nation.

George Boomer Scott and the ’67 Sox had done the impossible – they had overcome 100-to-1 odds, climbing out of ninth place the year before to capture the American League pennant. It had been 21 years since the Sox last reached the post-season.

Dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of fans streamed out onto the Fenway infield mobbing Lonborg, who lost a shirt and his shoelaces as he struggled through the delirious crowd to get to the clubhouse. Two or three dozen fans climbed the backstop screen toward the broadcast booth. Others dismantled the scoreboard in left field. Many just tore out handfuls of grass and stuffed their pockets. It truly was, in the words of Red Sox radio announcer Ned Martin, “pandemonium on the field.”

As Peter Gammons once wrote on this great season, “The Red Sox were always New England’s team, yes, but it took the Impossible Dream of 1967 to turn it into a romanticized mystique and keep the legion of fans coming by the millions…. It wasn’t always the way it is now, and might never have been but for ’67.”

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